Monday, January 25, 2010

Alternative medicine for the gland thyroid gland


The hipotiroidismo or the hipertiroidismo are two very common illnesses (the first one more than the second one), both partners to the gland thyroid gland. This hormone is key in our organism, and she is in charge between other things of regulating the metabolism of our organism. The disorders associated with his shortcoming produce diverse problems difficult to treat, that are solved following the indications of the doctor.

The contribution of the alternative medicine can be, nevertheless, very important to solve both the hipotiroidismo and the hipertiroidismo. We revise today some solutions to it originated from the slope of the alternative medicine so that you could extract profit of them.

First of all, the feeding is to the first thing that you must pay attention if your gland thyroid gland turns out to be affected. Some modifications to your diet can help you to solve your problems, such as the supplements of iodine, the consumption of soya, the coconut oil and other supplements.

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