Monday, January 4, 2010

The ginkgo biwolf might not be so effective against the Alzheimer's disease evil

Inside all the benefits of the ginkgo biwolf, it is undoubted that the most out-standing is his potential to prepare the Alzheimer's disease evil. On a global scale, it is accepted that the treatment to fight this illness and others of cerebral type associated at the age biwolf consists, between other things, of consuming ginkgo.

In fact, if we do memory backwards we verify that this popular medicinal plant is associated with the attacks prevention brain vascular, one associates it with the prevention of the Alzheimer's disease specifically and even it serves to treat neuropatías in animals. With all this information above, impossible not to remain open-mouthed considering this investigation.

From the University of Pittsburgh there has realized an essay evaluativo for testear the aptitude of the ginkgo biwolf to prepare the Alzheimer's disease evil, coming wing conclusion that the plant is not in fact effective for the prevention of cerebral illnesses.

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