Thursday, January 21, 2010

The tea and the coffee improve the attention


The tea and the coffee are part of the breakfasts of a big part of the population. Of having breakfast I am more partial to the milk, but it costs to admit that both the tea and the coffee suppose many benefits for the health. One of them is related to our attention capacity, as there has demonstrated recently a study realized by Unilever that is published in the magazine Appetite.

In him the Dra. Suzanne Einöther has realized some experimental essays comparing gesticulating both of the tea and of the coffee on the capacity of attention of approximately 29 individuals, this way to demonstrate that both drinks can take advantage to improve the cognitive capacity of the human beings.

Eiöther and his team observed that the combination of both drinks was improving significantly the attention of the subjects involved in the study, something that owes to individual components of every infusion, that cocktails promote his gesticulating.

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