Monday, January 4, 2010

The Marian thistle against the side effects of the chemotherapy


Part of the treatment against the cancer bears an extremely aggressive process for our organism, which regrettably is the best tool to fight the cancer with the one that counts the medicine. It is a question of the chemotherapy, which after his application generates notable side effects on the organism that can turn out to be unbearable for many patients.

From his place, the alternative medicine in all his applications has proposed several natural solutions to fight the side effects of the chemotherapy. One of them is the Marian thistle, which today is discovered like an effective natural solution for this problem.

A group of investigators has realized a study in which it is proved that the Marian thistle is a plant that can be effective in this sense, and to verify it a series of tests was carried out with 50 children with leukemia to who an extract of the plant was offered to them.

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