Sunday, January 3, 2010

Acupuncture and the midday points

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Be that we are speaking about acupuncture, auriculotherapy, acupresión or similar alternative therapies, all of them work with the midday points of the body. The meridians of the acupuncture are a central concept in Chinese medicine, and they constitute one of the bases of application and foundation of many therapies come from the oriental knowledge.

Basically, the meridians of the body are lines of energy course that run along our organism. We all have twelve meridians in whole, and these split with six into every half of the body. The energy runs along them freely, and any irruption in his course can bring not wished effects.

The energy blockades generate problems of health of diverse nature, which can go from constipation and headache up to depression. The acupuncture and his associate therapies try to liberate these energy blockades across the stimulus of certain midday points, this way to be able to favor the good health and to do that the energy runs freely for the channels.

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