Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exercises of Thai Chi


The exercises of Thai chi are only a part of the Thai chi chuan, practical that in addition to the physical expression that these reflect, there involves the mental state of concentration and harmony that I was on a par with the exercises and positions that constitute the practice.

But the Thai chi is a quite complex one that both the mind and the body shape, and every exercise integrates with the others to activate the chi that exists in our interior. We try in this post framed in our special one of Thai chi. to present some exercises of Thai chi that allow to realize this millennial practice.

Waking up the Chi

Most of the exercises of Thai chi begin with a previous warming that serves to acclimate the organism and to penetrate in practice. With this exercise which photo we see under keeping on reading, we achieve desperatar the Chi as warming to get in other exercises. That will come next.

(I resided …)

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  1. The spelling is "tai chi chuan" if using Wade-Giles Romanization of Chinese into alphabet, but "taijiquan" is actually more accurate - it's the Pinyin Romanization of Chinese into the alphabet.

    Hope this helps.

    -Loretta Wollering