Sunday, January 3, 2010

To treat the tinnitus with musicoterapia

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The tinnitus or acúfeno is an auditory illness that is characterized for constant produces a buzz in the ears in the persons who endure it, set sail as to affect seriously his auditory capacity, but the sufficiently annoying thing as to harm in an important grade his quality of life.

The causes of the tinnitus are, regrettably, known for the science. Only it is known that the persons who suffer acúfeno are persons whose auditory system is modified as regards a normal person, and in some sense this is caused of course by the illness.

A treatment does not exist for the tinnitus that has worked in all the cases, and from the alternative medicine there exist some solutions that might work to treat the tinnitus. One of them is the musicoterapia, who according to an investigation realized by German scientists of the University Westphalian Wilhelms of Munster, might treat the acúfeno.

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