Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Properties of the ginger for the skin


One of the most frequent evil that the women endure (although in some cases it appears also in the men) is the appearance of the cellulitis, which is evident like marks in legs and hips and in other sectors of his body that affect the esthetics of the person. The cellulitis appears in the organism due to the accumulation of fats and toxins, and for it it is important to take a healthy diet to prepare it.

Before it, he is worth while emphasizing the properties of the ginger for the skin, which are very effective to eliminate the cellulitis. To be able to be useful well to the properties of the ginger, it is necessary to use melted fat, as well as a coffee quantity.

This way we must be provided with 100 g of fat, which we will place in a crystal packing in the liquid state, in addition to 30 g of ginger and 50 g of coffee, elements that, on having mixed in a suitable way, we will be able to eliminate the cellulitis in the skin. The role that plays the ginger in this composition it is very important, since this one will help in big way to which the circulation of the blood is more effective in the human body.

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Benefits of the red bilberry for the heart

bilberry rojo.jpg

We know several declarations of the benefits of the red bilberry, and have referred to his potential to fight the cystitis and the urinal infections, and also for the good memory. Now we concentrate on cardiovascular health, since a recent investigation has discovered the properties of the red bilberries to treat cardiac illnesses.

We have news about several natural products that allow to promote the good cardiac health, and in the list we find the green tea, the cocoa, the apples and one especially emphasized: the red wine. With all of them a group of British investigators has decided to realize a comparative analysis to find out if these were more beneficial than the red bilberries.

For it they realized some experiments in which there put themselves to the test the compounds of each of these elements that are related to a good cardiovascular health.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to treat illnesses of the bones

like treating illnesses of huesos.jpg

As regards the illnesses of the bones very little information exists about the natural medicine to prepare them.

But it is not that beech lacking in medicine for this type of ailments, but rather is that, before applying some treatment, it is necessary to know the condition of the person who endures them. A good example of this is the case of the women during the menopause, who go so far as to suffer from rheumatic pains or of osteoporosis, since in this stage the woman suffers from a big decrease of the levels of estrogen.

Another example is that of the persons with rachitis, which originates in the pregnancy of the mother, something that inclusive it goes so far as to show from his first stages and that to future appears in the late of the eruption of the teeth as well as certain pains in such parts like the breast, the legs or the column.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Grasses to grow thin

grasses to go down of peso.jpg

Many of the specialists in nutrition have made clear the fact that there does not exist a certain plant that could help to grow thin, independently of his application in the diets to slim.

What yes exists there are plants that can help to accelerate the metabolism, which implies the elimination of liquids as well as the decrease of the famine, as well as also in the different digestive and renal functions.

In the same line we can emphasize the benefits of the grasses to grow thin on the organism in general. One of the most effective grasses in it is the artichoke, since this one possesses a depurative action that in general to stimulate the biliary secretion on the constipation, having very positive effects for those persons who suffer from the lazy liver, bad digestion of fats or of the jaundice.

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Natural remedies for the liver

boldo liver

The liver is an organ to which several vital functions assume to him in the organism, such as the synthesis of proteins, elimination of toxicants and other harmful elements, storage of vitamins, etc.

This organ as any other is exhibited to contract illnesses, infections and others (like hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, syndrome of Rotor, of Dubin Jhonson, cancer, etc.). Also it is necessary to bear in mind that the prevention will be our only weapon to avoid the development of these.

Considering this importance of the liver for our body, it is important to consider some home-made remedies for the liver to guarantee his correct functioning and with it to prepare, to eliminate and to minimize all kinds of complaints, which are detailed next.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alternative cigarets: really are they more healthy?


Any smoker knows that to leave the tobacco is one of the things most difficult of managing, even when there are well-known the harmful consequences that the nicotinism brings for the health. And if it will be so difficult that the addiction implies not only the habit of smoking in strict sense but also the habit of walking with cigarets in the hands.

To help the smokers to leave this so harmful habit, the fact is that there have been created a few alternative cigarets that satisfy his need at the same time that it is removing them from the addiction to the tobacco. These "natural" cigarets can contain from miscellanies of grasses up to dry sheets that give him an exotic flavor.

But: are there really a more healthy option for the organism?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home-made remedies for the ear pain


The pain of the ear happens for an infection which can be to cause strange agents as virus, bacteria and fungi which across his pathogenic evolution will cause signs and symptoms, between which this type of complaint is.

To eliminate this inconvenience a series of home-made remedies exists for the pain of ear which were helping to control and eliminate this symptom, which we will detail next.

Compresses: In a cloth or towel it proceeds to dampen it with cold water (he remembers that, before applying it, you have to of draining it well) or, you can place a few ice blocks and wrap them with the cloth (also the warm compresses are very effective, you can do the same procedure but with water boiling, alone care on having handled it to avoid burns). After having done this, it proceeds to place the cloth on the affected hate and to leave it from 5 until 10 minutes, you can realize it several times.

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