Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uses of the witch-hazel


The witch-hazel is a plant with oval sheets, and flowers with four thin petals, they are of dark yellow or reddish color, also it gives a species of fruit that contains the seeds, on having been in the perfect maturation state, these are expelled to several meters of distance of the plant.

The uses of the witch-hazel are multiple, from being an ornamental plant due to the tone of his flowers, gastronomic uses since his seeds are eatable, up to uses specially on the health. As for his curative uses we can mention that the liquid that is extracted from the sheets is most used by these ends.

The witch-hazel is a powerful astringent of the skin, since it removes impurities in the pores, eliminating muds, blackheads and other imperfection, as well as he was avoiding his reappearance. His effects in the skin go beyond this since it eliminates the inconveniences and reddening that cause stings of mosquitoes, contusions, burns, dermatitis, dermal graze and small inflammations.

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