Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home-made remedies for the conjunctivitis


The conjunctivitis is a symptom that can be appreciated easily when an eye proves to be very red, and his eyelids turn out to be puffed up. It is a complaint that generates itch and provokes many desire of wanting to rub the eyes with the hands (thing that is worse, so only does that it increases the problem if the fingers are dirty). But fortunately there are many home-made tricks to treat it.

The poppy works very well like home-made remedy for the conjunctivitis. The useful part there are his petals (not his fruit). This is necessary to take it much into consideration, because the fruit has too many alkaloids that it can be a toxicant, especially for those women who are pregnant or in the lactation state.

The best way of preparing a remedy by means of poppies is dissolving a pinch of marine salt (approximately 0,9 grams) in 100 ml of distilled water. To set to boil in approximately 10 or 20 minutes approximately; after this time it will be possible to notice that there has been a consumption of the water, therefore it is necessary to complete 100 initial ml with a little of distilled water that we have reserved. To this solution there is placed a teaspoonful of petals of poppy troceados, and we allow everything to rest in approximately 10 minutes later to leak the liquid with enough care.

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