Monday, February 1, 2010

Benefits of the onion

The onion is a food that is tied to the history of the humanity. There are numerous the traces that we have of the use of the benefits of the onion so much in the feeding as also in the popular medicine. Already in the Classic Greece Herodoto it was mentioning the benefits of the onion and that the pyramids of Egypt were constructed by men who were feeding on healthy food like garlic, radishes and onion.

But: what are the properties of the onion that have turned it essentially in the Oriental culture and in the Western one? Basically, the onion is composed in 90 % of water, 10 % remaining forms sulfur, calcium, potassium and other components in minor measurement.

The sulfur, it is a mineral that does that the onion is a suitable plant to fight dermatologic illnesses. The onion helps the organism to synthesize the keratin, existing protein in the hair, fingernails and skin, which serves to improve the aspect of these. It helps to eliminate also toxins therefore it is beneficial for persons with acne complaints, dermatitis, psoriasis and queratosis.

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