Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curative properties of the mallow

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The mallow is a wild plant that grows naturally in different places of the field, being able to be found easily in minor roads and being able to reach heights of up to one meter. Some farmers for his part, cultivate the mallow in his grounds.

As for the curative properties of the mallow we can say that the sheets of this plant are used to treat illnesses, being some of them the cough and bronchitis, the haemorrhoids, the evil of the prostate, inflammations of the belly and ovaries, as well as also to be able to treat determined eczemas and boils that are affecting the skin.

The properties of the mallow allow us to treat also mouth infections. The advisable thing in these cases is to do gargles after every meal. For this we have to boil in water during a minute two small spoonfuls of sheets and flowers of mallow that previously have been dried. Later we must allow to rest in approximately 15 minutes.

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