Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to improve the blood circulation

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The blood circulation turns out to be affected to the passage of time because the blood glasses lose elasticity, doing that the step of the blood is more difficult. This means a major effort of the heart to have a normal blood irrigation. The most common symptoms of bad blood circulation will be: sickness, cramps, cold extremities, cellulitis, etc.

By it there has been unbuttoned the importance of preserving a the ideal physical state to minimize or to eliminate aftermath in advanced ages or in delicate conditions and power like that to improve the blood circulation. Next a series of advices to improve the blood circulation.

- To do exercise: by means of a constant physical conditioning (to run, bicycle, weight, etc.) we will be able to increase the muscular contractions that act impelling the blood flow for the veins and increasing the circulatory flow in the arteries, this way the blood glasses will become stronger.

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