Sunday, February 21, 2010

Properties of the olive oil

Many experts nutricionistas affirm that the best way of making use of the properties of the olive oil is from his natural origin. Namely that to the olives it is necessary to spend them for stones mills this way to obtain a pasta. This one will provide the virgin olive oil to us.

It is better to do olive oil this way, that is to say of a natural form, without having to use the olive oils that have crossed industrial processes that have made them lose his properties.

Speaking about the properties of the olive oil, we can say that these are innumerable. We count for example his action like laxative, and so that it should work it is possible to take it several days on an empty stomach. If one takes it in his virgin olive oil version without refining, it can help to the functions of the liver and to to expel the stones or intestinal calculations.

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