Friday, February 19, 2010

How to remove the stretch marks

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The stretch marks of the skin can be represented like a species of rugosity that can be of type to laminate, which are generated due to a stretching of the corium of the skin, and that later has returned to his natural state. The stretch marks are not esthetic at all, and for it it is good to know how to remove the stretch marks so that our skin seems healthy.

There exists a groundless myth that he says that the stretch marks happen only in women. This is due to the fact that the stretch marks are evident more in women when these have gone so far as to spend a stage of pregnancy, the stretching of the skin being provoked this way as we had mentioned it in the first paragraph.

Since it has been mentioned earlier, the stretch marks appearance is not an exclusive case of the women, already they can appear in any person who has put on weight of abrupt form, and de facto 10 % of the persons who suffer from stretch marks is to be men that in han put on weight up to being obese, and that later have recovered his natural weight.

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