Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How does the chromotherapy work

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The chromotherapy in simple and flat words is a method in which there are used the properties of the colors (speeds, lengths and wave rhythms) with curative, regenerative, stimulant, psychic and organic ends. It is a skill that derives from the traditional medicine of big cultures like the China, the India and the Greece.

To know how it works the chromotherapy first is to know as the body receives to the color; since in fact the colors do not exist as such, but it stems from frequencies of light, which the eyes with help of the brain codify and is here when the magic happens of being able to appreciate to the whole scale of colors and tones that exist. By this grand discovery it has been created to the chromotherapy, which one is a skill with big heyday.

Possibly wonder how the colors can affect our life in all his levels, and why one speaks so much about the properties of the chromotherapy. The answer you live through it in your routine character, since we can verify his efficiency since we worry for the colors that we choose on having dressed, the decision of the meal that we consume is done by us in accordance with the sight that the food provides to us, etc.

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