Thursday, February 4, 2010

To sleep well with cherry juice


Sleeping well is the only thing that can guarantee us that during the day we have sufficient energy to spend. Normally, we spend this energy during the day, and come the night we can go to bed tired this way to rest deeply. The cycle seems logical and simple; nevertheless, he is enough to know that sometimes to expire with him is the whole challenge; especially for those who endure insomnia.

The Department of Physiology of the University of Extremadura has tried to extract profit to a very healthy fruit with properties associated with the quality of the cycles of sleep. We refer to the cherry, based on which they are developing a natural product that might mean a significant progress of the cycles of sleep of the one who completes it.

It is a question of a very concentrated juice of cherries, which consumed in certain dose fisológica might do not only that we rest from ideal form during the night, but also we are alert, awake and with good frame of mind during the day.

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