Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Properties of the tea of boldo

The boldo is a perennial shrub, which grows in slightly humid areas with stony soils. Due to the properties of the tea of boldo, this one it has been manufactured to turn it into a product that could come to our hands, without importing the time of trip, storage and others. This is achieved due to a process of “drying“ and "crushed" of his sheets (it does not lose properties). Coming in such a way that we it know: "sachets of tea”.

The boldo has had a big heyday in the medicinal field, and from extract of boldo up to tea of boldo in strict sense, all the preparations that are realized by this medicinal plant can be made use in medicinal terms.

Due to it, we revise some of the benefits of the tea of boldo, which are charitable for the health:

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