Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to increase the serotonina

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The serotonina is a neurotransmitter that is intimately tied to the different depression states. The same one is measured according to the levels that it reaches in the blood, being this one a starting point to know how to increase the serotonina if it is that the serotonina levels give shallows.

Since the only way of increasing the serotonina in the blood levels is by means of a good feeding, which can set off from healthy diets that allow to eliminate the depression symptoms.

Of general form we might say that if a person has high serotonina levels in his blood, this one will be in a very good frame of mind and will not have an excessive avidity for eating. The opposite happens with those that have very low serotonina levels, since these on the other hand will look for alternate ways of feeding and that they will end up by putting on weight due to the excess of the consumption of this food.

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