Saturday, February 27, 2010

The benefits of the tangerine to prepare the cancer

When it is a question of citrus fruits, the tangerines reach the ceiling of my personal list. Significantly more sweets that the oranges and even even easier to peel, in winter months the tangerines turn the dessert of almost all the meals, in addition to serving to kill the famine of healthy form.

But in addition to his flavor and his practicality, the tangerines constitute an extraordinary benefits resource for the organism, since the same ones contain many nutritional benefits both in his pulp and in his rind. The same ones are well-known in the medicinal ambience, and from Korea new tests are offered on this matter.

The fact is that scientists of South Korea have studied the benefits of the tangerine as regards the health of one of our most important organs: the liver, verifying that the fruit has an extraordinary potential to protect it from possible hepatic illnesses, in addition to reducing the obesity.

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