Monday, February 8, 2010

To reduce the inflammation with essential thyme oil


The double knife-edge of the inflammation expresses itself in that the same one is an answer of our immune system that it attacks so much to harmful agents as to non-harmful agents. The appearance of the inflammatory reaction is related to such illnesses like the diabetes or the arthritis, and in extreme cases his reduction is essential.

To reduce the inflammation several options exist, and the essential oils are one of them. In fact, a recent investigation has detected some agents who can contribute to it, between which the essential thyme oil has been revealed like one of the most effective.

In laboratory tests the investigators studied the action of several essential oils. Between them, that of rose and of eucaliptus they managed to reduce significantly the action of the enzyme COX-2 - which one acts producing inflammation - on the cells even in 25 %. The thyme, nevertheless, was the most effective annulling his gesticulating in up to 75 %.

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