Friday, February 5, 2010

10:23: A DIRTY campaign against the homeopathy

One of the participants of the campaign with boaster's face.

The polemic is installed on the table: Is the homeopathy mythical or real? In different places of the entire world some of them staked it of bold men and did the proof of giving him a homeopathic overdose to know his effects. The frame of it? The famous British campaign 10:23 (in allusion to the Number of Avogadro) that has summoned large-scale publicity and has been one of the events with more attention in terms of alternative medicine in what it goes of the year.

Well. The 'overdose' took and nothing happened. All the persons who took part of the campaign are alive.

The effect has turned out to be massive, and a wave of criticism of the homeopathy based on categorical judgments and discredits they flog the world homeopathic community. From here, since columnist of alternative medicine was not going to do dull ears on this matter, and it costs to do a general balance of the situation, so much to tint radicalisms as to generate a frame of understanding from which power to understand really what is happening.

(I resided …)

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