Friday, February 12, 2010

Properties of the sirope of maple

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The maple sirope in fact is a syrup that is extracted from the trees that are in the maple forests in Canada, as well as also in the north part of the United States. The native natives already knew the way of extracting the above mentioned syrup, due to the importance and value vitamínico that was discovered by scientific specialists in the composition of the above mentioned syrup.

The form from how is there extracted the sirope of maple of his trees is a very simple and simple method, and it is a question of piercing discreetly in the trunk of these trees and of placing a small pipe of drainage for which it will go out. In the extraction of the same one there are obtained three types of sirope of sap, being classified of a very simple form and that alludes to the class A, B and C.

If we speak about the type C, we are mentioning to the last harvest it is the one that more properties of the sirope of maple contains, since this one is rich in zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium.

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