Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is Karuna reiki

The Karuna reiki is a skill of reiki that has its own identity. It is known like the most compassionate of all the skills of this practice that exist at present, so that the word Karuna means just that: compassion.

Reason of it is that the reiki Karuna is considered like most tied to the love, the divine love as the unconditional one should be this towards an object. This unconditional love is associated like a love directed to the individual himself as to other living beings.

This class of reiki needs to have a minimal knowledge of the skills of Usui. Here there apply to themselves some energy symbols (eight in whole) that try to look for a balance together of the environment in which we live. Eight current symbols were less formerly, but due to the evolution of the reiki it was necessary to extend them.

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