Monday, February 15, 2010

He breathes slowly and reduces the pain


To reduce the pain is not anything exclusive of the area of the analgesics. In fact, it has been proved in numerous occasions that many proper skills of relaxation of the alternative medicine help to reduce the pain, and with his practice we can improve our quality of life without necessary having to fall down in the medicines consumption.

To speak about relaxation skills leads us to focusing on us inevitably in the respiration, after this is an essential part of many of them. The respiration exercises can help us to relax us deeply, and a recent investigation realized by investigators of the University of Arizona has demonstrated that also they can help us to reduce the pain.

The investigators of this study worked with persons affected for fibromialgia, an illness that is translated in an increasing pain in several parts of the body (muscles, sinews, ligaments) and that usually generates fatigue in the patients.

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