Sunday, December 27, 2009

Green tea: A shield for the brain


The cerebral illnesses are a topic much complejísimo, and the medicine is not provided yet with widespread treatments that make his prevention and definitive eradication possible in all the cases. The investigation in natural compounds keeps on doing his way on this matter and contributing solutions to it, contributing with possible treatments to these illnesses.

In case of the green tea, his compounds have resulted in excellent solutions for a problems endless number, and in this case one associates them with the treatment of cerebral illnesses, since it has been demonstrated that the same ones act like a shield before them.

One of the principal causal agents of these illnesses there are a group of proteins that occupy nervous cells. These make way to illnesses like the Alzheimer's disease, the Parkinson evil or that of Huntington, and in the magazine Nature Chemical Biology there is published the discovery with which the green tea might provide his appearance.

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