Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prince Carlos in defense of the alternative medicine


Although the alternative medicine grows progressively in his number of users, from the government of the United States it is not born in mind at the time of establishing regulations. The administration Obama is trying to fix a few regulations on this matter, which might affect in the systems of health of several countries, and that might mean a brake to the sale of products of alternative medicine.

In this frame countries as Great Britain can fall down between the list of 'regulated', and this situation has made a little nervous picturesque Prince Charles, who has summoned to a meeting with the sanitary authorities of the British government to clarify terms.

Carlos, old defender of the alternative medicine, has conversed with Andy Burnham, the secretary of health of the government, with sights of convincing it that does not leave that the American regulations harm the sale of alternative products in this country, since the same ones prohibit the sale of products of health persons who are not professional doctors.

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