Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pumpkin for the vaginal infections


Before the alert alarm sounds, before the appearance of vaginal infections you must not lose the calmness. These are quite common, and you have not to exhasperarte before the fungi diagnosis in the vagina. How to solve them of natural form? We know some home-made remedies for it, but we focus on ourselves today in a particular agent: the pumpkin.

A group of investigators has worked with a taken extract of the rind of pumpkin, which has demonstrated to have interesting properties as regards the vaginal fungi, specifically with gérmenes like Candid albicans, a type of mushroom that major causer of the same ones considers.

In cells cultivation in laboratory, the investigators discovered that the protein Pr-2 of the rind of pumpkin was making the growth of the germ difficult without damaging the cells and hence without producing the damage associated with the mushroom.

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