Sunday, December 6, 2009

Avocado pears for cudiar the skin


The boom of the avocado pears is between us. This fruit (also known like avocado) it is used in diverse accompaniments for the meals, and there even exist some fundamentalists who complete them alone. The fact is that his versatility is such that they can serve to prepare sauces and spices that suit with multiple plates.

That as for the culinary aspect, but the avocado pear goes beyond it. His medicinal properties find in the skin a perfect field on which to develop, and today we emphasize several uses of the fruit to take care of the skin.

First of all, it costs to emphasize that the avocado is a fruit with components similar to the oil that our skin uses to remain hydrated. For it, to apply avocados straight on the skin can improve significantly the state of the same one, helping to prevent the same one from being dried off.

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