Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To prepare the blindness with …: pine crust?


The blindness is a complex illness that adopts diverse forms with the only result: the loss of vision. To prepare the blindness the feeding is an essential resource, but also there exist other natural products that can help you.

Although you do not believe it, the pine is one of these products, since the crust of this tree contains very important properties as regards the ocular health. In fact, an extract of crust of pine called Pycnogenol one usually uses to treat ocular illnesses, and in this case it has been put itself to the test by interesting results.

The diabetic retinopatía is an illness that happens in persons who endure diabetes, and that consists of a bad circulation for the veins of the eye, which damages the retina. The result of it can be a loss of vision.

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