Friday, December 25, 2009

It recovers your hair with ginger

damaged hair

Although as the years spend the hair it becomes inevitably more opaque and fragile, sometimes factors as the bad feeding or the stress can help to damage it at early age. When you happen to have the damaged hair you perceive it immediately, and in addition to damaging your hairstyle, it disfigures your appearance in general.

To have a strong and brilliant hair, you can resort to some natural products that contain properties to recover the damaged hair. In this case we choose two, the ginger and the sesame, two elements that with his combined use can do the difference between a good hair and a battered hair.

You must combine a ginger teaspoonful with the fourth cup of oil of sesame. Mix the prepared one and apply it on your scalp massaging energetically. When ten or twenty minutes have happened, withdraw it with shampoo and repeat the treatment week after week.

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