Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It lists of antirust


We speak often about the antirust ones in the diet and about his importance to prepare illnesses, nevertheless it is necessary to assemble them in a list of antirust for his rapid reference. These are present in several food and drinks that we consume, and basically and after big features we can recognize four antirust ones.

Vitamin C. Perhaps the most famous vitamin, also it is antirust. It is especially in fruits and vegetables, and with a concentration intensified in the citrus fruits. The orange, the lemon, the kiwi, the broccoli or the cabbage are food that contain it.

Vitamin And. This vitamin is in the vegetable oils, the cereals and the nuts. Also, food as the olives, the corn and the peanut also contain it. This vitamin is a molecule with an importance key to prepare cardiovascular problems, and his administration is common in premature babies unable to accumulate it.

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