Friday, December 4, 2009

Five fruits to be born in mind for the health


Bananas, oranges, apples, peach … The fruits that happen for your basket are always the same ones. Perhaps enjoy every so much a melon, a few grapes or a watermelon, but seldom you are a pleasure for yourself of introducing and proving to taste your palate with some exotic fruits.

For it, and in honor to the fruits, which are a food that is not compared with no other as regards his benefits, we offer today a list of fruits to be proved. They all can be considered to be exotic, but as the commerce grows the same ones are more and more common, and a return is enough to give to you for the supermarket to come across you with some of them.

The cannon is the first one about which we speak, and the one that you appreciate above in the head of the post. The fruit is addictive, and also it has a very nice form. His flavor is at the same level as his nutritional value, since the same one is rich in vitamin C, caroteno beta and potassium.

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