Friday, December 11, 2009

Properties of the seeds of linen


Exquisite to the palate and with numerous benefits associated with them, the linen seeds are an authentic source of positive resources for our organism. The properties of the seeds of linen are multiple, and this food reverberates on diverse areas of our organism, and today we propose a revision for them.

The properties of the seeds of linen are moderately known by all, especially thanks to the successive series of studies realized in order to highlight them, which have served to bring them over to the population and to popularize his consumption.

For example, we know the linen seeds for his beneficial effects for the heart and the cardiovascular system. Recently one was emphasizing the role of the same ones to reduce the bad cholesterol, which prepares the fats accumulation in the arteries. This owes to his high place contained in vitamins of the group B and to minerals and microelements.

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