Thursday, December 3, 2009

Benefits of the Radal


The radal is a tree that also is known by the name of roden. It belongs to the family Proteaceae, much spread in the south hemisphere of the planet and that comprises 62 genres and more than 1000 species. The radal is one of these varieties, and he recognizes it after himself as his trunk of 80cm of dimetro and his big sheets. The flowers in bunches are those that we appreciate in the photo of above.

The benefits of the radal have been made use by the popular medicine of South America, and between the properties of this tree the one that is more effective is the relative one to the respiratory functions. When illnesses of obstructive type happen like the asthma, the radal can be of big help.

This tree possesses a tannin, a bitter beginning and another alcaloídeo, which allow his use against inflammations of the trachea, the bronchitis or the cough. His crust is applied to treat the asthma, and his sheets are applied by antispasmodic ends.

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