Friday, December 18, 2009

Go out: A priest against the depression?


When it is a question of salt, it is impossible not to support ambivalent feelings towards this seasoning. On one hand, the salt is irreplaceable of an infinity of plates that parade our table, and it is a guarantee of good flavor. Nevertheless, his harmful potential for our cardiovascular system is the highest, and we must be careful with his consumption.

With it in account (especially the last thing), we propose develar another facet of the salt, this time straight related to our frames of mind and to our mental health: his potential to fight the depression. Almost we might say that we are in the presence of a natural antidepressant, and several studies like that have demonstrated it.

It has been proved that the salt is capable of increasing the attention and the speed of reaction of the one who completes it, and also it has been demonstrated that this seasoning is capable of improving the humor making us feel good.

(I resided …)

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