Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aikido: martial or medicinal art?


At present the health concept alludes to the absence of some illness. Nevertheless the western culture, the orthodox medicine, has considered the alterations of the body to be an illness. The development of the psychiatry allowed a major approach the alterations of the mind. But an even more global approach is missing and it is that of the unit between the mind and the body. Undoubtedly it is a thought more advanced than the western one. It tries it it is the progressive one and more and more frequent interest in the oriental culture in the industrialized countries of culture and Judeo-Christian social organization.

The western society is more and more sick, if in the illness concept there is included the lacking energy, the absence of happiness, the absence of illusion or, in his defect, the absence of serenity and of balance.

The explanation takes root in the enormous influence that the society in whom we live has on our minds, exponentially increased by the visual means. The transcendental problem of health of the western society is the illness cardio and cerebrovascular. Nevertheless, every time there is more information that award to the biggest stress importance as factor of cardiovascular risk that an inadequate diet or a sedentary life in excess.

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