Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thyme to treat the fungi of the fingernails


It is not necessary to go so far as to have athlete's foot to endure the inconveniences of the fungi of the feet. The onicomicosis is a variant of the fungi of the feet, and it is a question of the fungi appearance in the fingernails, which leave to simple sight a yellow spot on the fingernail that becomes fibrous to the interior of the body of the same one.

The fungi of the fingernails of the feet is a sufficiently little esthetic problem, but in addition to extremely annoying it. In addition to causing a very bad feet smell, these can cause itching and pain, facilitating that the fingernail is personified and irritating the bordering area to her. Fortunately, the popular medicine has a solution for them: the thyme.

In fact, the effects of the thyme to fight the fungi of the fingernails have been demonstrated in more than one occasion. The disadvantage is that many of these studies have been applied to animals, and not all to human beings. By it there is not known by accuracy the scope that the thyme can have as for effectiveness.

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