Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It takes care of your liver with green tea


The hepatic illnesses are a problem much complicated for the organism, and everything what we could do to prepare them is a well inverted time. The liver is the biggest gland of our body, and it is entrusted of more than 500 functions, between them desintoxicarnos, to activate the immune system and to synthesize the proteins.

This engine of our functioning must work of oiled form, since any problem or breakdown that it presents can untie a series of complications in all our body. The cirrhosis is one of the biggest dangers for him, since this illness can end up by destroying the liver.

To prepare the cirrosi s formation, the green tea is an excellent solution, since his compounds help to prepare the formation of hepatic fibrosis, precondition of the development of cirrhosis that gives the go-ahead to the illness.

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