Saturday, December 12, 2009

Properties of the Velosilla


The velosilla is a medicinal plant spread over the prairies of Europe to exception and the Mediterranean coasts, which has spread up to reaching the grounds of the United States. The same one also is known under the name of Cerrillejo, Grass of the Health or Pilosela.

It is a plant of downy sheets with yellow flowers of many petals. His gesticulating took advantage very much in the middle age, although with the years it has been losing application perhaps for the fact that the velosilla loses his properties when it dries off.

Between the properties of the velosilla he emphasizes the action of the plant to brake local hemorrhages. It is very effective for revertir nosebleeds or bled excessive during the menstruation, and also during diarrheas or dysenteries it is capable of stopping the bled ones who can accompany them.

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