Monday, December 14, 2009

Sanación with colors sapphires


The sapphire is one of the most beautiful precious stones, and in turn one of most loaded with positive energy. Most of them are extracted from the mines of Australia, and, in contrast to what he can believe, not all the sapphires are of blue color, but their wide scale of colors exists.

Symbol of the mental clarity and of everything divine, the sapphire has been always associated by many peoples with the concept of love, happiness and loyalty. Each of the chromatic varieties of the sapphire contains specific properties, which we comment next dividing to the stone for his coloration.

The blue sapphire is related to the chakra of the gullet, and is a promoter of the truth and of the communication between individuals. The blue sapphire is a stone that it calms and that helps to organize clearly the thoughts, them helping to liberate of such form that the speaker understands them without problems. Also he benefits the health of the gullet and of the lungs.

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