Monday, December 14, 2009

Therapy of the water


The oriental medicine has numerous tricks and advices to fight minor illnesses and problems of every day, and from Japan the therapy of the water is a home-made remedy that allows to eliminate them of effective, cheap form and without major effort. We share the water therapy today, this way to know his benefits.

Our organism is shaped by 70 % of water. When a balance does not exist between the water that we need and the water that we have, our organism begins to endure problems. For it, that of the consumption of two daily liters of water is a reality, and we it must support to slit table if we do not want to dehydrate ourselves.

The therapy of the water takes that into consideration, but it goes some steps further away. This one indicates that, before cleaning the teeth every morning, you must take between five and six water glasses. Also, you must not consume any food, at least in 45 minutes earlier and after taking this water. Then clean the teeth and wait approximately 45 minutes before taking or eating another thing.

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