Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is the Aromaterapia sure?


Whenever I can I emphasize the aromaterapia like one of the most interesting therapies inside the bogey of the alternative medicine. His potential to improve the frames of mind is notable, and his aptitude to adapt itself to any ambience, his bajísimo cost of application and the efficacy of his treatment are justifications for it. Nevertheless: is it a sure method?

A general advice for any person who wants to continue an alternative treatment is that this one must consult a doctor before initiating it. Here it does not serve the personal judgment, and we must consult a professional who guides us on this matter. The acupuncture is a treatment that enters this bag, and yes, it has some contraindications.

For example, the children younger than five years cannot continue the treatment, since they can be too sensitive to the essential oil, causing not wished effects. The same happens with pregnant women, since the fetus in formation covers the same risk.

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