Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10:23, a campaign against the homeopathy


The homeopathy is one of the branches of the alternative medicine that more we usually emphasize due to the scientific progress associated with her. The investigations doctor s have demonstrated that the homeopathy is effective to treat diverse illnesses, but the skeptical circles are fervent and they still do not consider it to be a legitimate medicine.

But does it have this felt thinking that the homeopathy is installed more than one century ago in our popular medicine and that she keeps on being applied in the whole world? For the people of 10:23 yes, and they glide to be mobilized on this matter.

10:23 it is a campaign that will be thrown in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2010, in order to deslegitimar to the homeopathy and to generate public conscience with regard to his invalidity. It is improving itself from Bad Homeopathy, and if you want to be her part enters to 1023.org.uk.

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