Friday, December 11, 2009

Advices to practise yoga

In practical terms, the yoga is done of asanas. The yoga positions do to the practice itself, and only they are the way to achieve the workmanship and skill in the handling of the elasticity of the body. Clear that also imports the concentration, the delivery and the relaxation, but if you do not do good asanas you will not manage to perfect yourself in the yoga.

But how to do good asanas? This is not for anyone, and here it does not play the beginner luck, since the asanas need a training and workmanship for every level. If you are new in the matter debits to start by realizing asanas simple, then to happen at more complex levels.

He remembers that the asanas are not force exercises, and you must not strain on having done them. You direct them, and not they to you. Hence, the slowness and the precision in the movement is fundamental in practice, and to support the position during approximately thirty seconds you will be of big help.

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