Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Properties of the Elm tree


Inside the world of the curative plants, we must not forget the medicinal trees, some of which contain notable benefits for the health that are so effective as in case of the medicinal plants.

There is this the case of the elm tree (between some other trees), tree that usually grows in banks and that is characterized for having an important height, a trunk of cork-like crust, alternate and brilliant sheets and small flowers of reddish color. On his parts, which more we are interested in is his trunk, which is the one that concentrates his medicinal properties.

The benefits of the elm tree owe to his components. His tannins, for example, award one to drive astringent of which one has been able to extract profit. Also, the elm tree is a tree with properties antidiarreicas and anti-inflammatory. His external use justifies his application in cases of skin diseases like eczemas, herpes, itching, etc.

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