Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sand plantain for the constipation


When the constipation comes the intestines let us know about it making us feel uncomfortable and hard. But you must not worry, the cold is something very common, and the medicine herbalist has some interesting solutions to offer you. In this case we offer to you a natural solution for the constipation that you will be helpful.

It is a question of the sand plantain, a herbaceous plant that usually grows in central and southern Europe, characterized for having a stem erecto with linear sheets. The ears take place in July, and the seeds have a brown color.

His utility to fight the constipation owes to the fibre of the sand plantain, which one is a fibre not digestible that absorbs water and increases the depositions quantity, facilitating this way his elimination across the rectum. It does not have nutritional value, but his gesticulating as regards the constipation is very powerful.

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