Monday, December 7, 2009

Benefits of the oil of emu


The emu is the second biggest bird of the planet, being overcome only by his relative the avestrúz. This bird is a native of Australia, and in addition to offering to the industry his leather and his delightful meat, the emu is known also by the famous oil of emu, a natural product with benefits for the health that we note down today.

First of all, the most important of the benefits of the oil of emu is his aptitude to support the skin in the good state. Very dry, scaled skin and in the bad state it can recover across the application of this oil, which allows to reduce the wrinkles of rapid form, since it penetrates intensely in our skin.

Related to this care of the skin, the emu oil has one to gesticulate directly on the hair, and it is capable of rejuvenating it and of hydrating it when this one is dried off. It restores and contributes sheen, and also it stimulates the growth of the hair in persons with baldness.

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