Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meditation Nadabrahma


As for meditation, the Tibetan ones have golden word. The people more Buddhist of all has developed along your history numerous skills of meditation associated with the Buddhism and with other religions, which have been written in the spiritual and religious books, although many have been incorporated others into them in the recent centuries.

The meditation Nadabrahma is one of them, and the same one is divided in three simple steps of ten minutes each one. The meditation lasts not more than thirty, and next we explain each of these stages to the detail.

The first stage consists of sitting down comfortably in a relaxed position. We close the eyes and concentrate on our respiration to help us in it. Once let's be in the appropriate mental state, we begin to express a buzz as that of a bee. This buzz will cover our body completely and we will feel hard your vibration.

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