Monday, October 19, 2009

Transcendental meditation for the breast cancer


The cancer is a very complex illness, and although it has been studied very well, it is still missing very much so that the medicine manages to have the illness under control. The mentality of the person sick with cancer as regards your illness is the most important in your processing, and for it to preserve the good fortitude and the hope has a role to be played.

On this matter, the meditation skills are an alternative to be born in mind to reduce the worries generated by the cancer and to face the processing of the illness with fortitudes and fortitude. In fact, a study realized by several institutions in collaboration has demonstrated that the meditation can be crucial as regards it. Specifically we speak about transcendental meditation.

There were analyzed the cases of hundred thirty 55-year-old women or more with breast cancer, who were studied for two years. Specifically it was indicated to a group of them that they should continue a processing of transcendental meditation to know the influence of the processing on the development of the illness.

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